Tre Trax

Tre Trax is an up and coming music producer from Long Island, NY. Although still a young adult, Tre Trax has the skill of an experienced producer. He has accomplished a number of endeavors, which include producing for Young Dolph, Lil Donald and Coco Vango.  Notable records produced by Tre include, Lil Donalds  “Juice”, as well as Coco Vango’s “I’m That Nigga”. As a young teen, Tre found an interest in music and began producing at the age of 12 years old. Tre grew up in a household that was surrounded by gospel music. Using his gospel roots and exploring the secular realm, Tre Trax makes music that can speak to all people. While not sticking to just one genre Tre Trax makes music that he feels is “quality music”. He prides himself on continuously working on his craft and currently attends Georgia State University for Music Composition. 

Tre Trax's Pieces: