Jennifer Appel

Jennifer's extensive training as a theater actor and director bring notable depth and discipline to her film work. Her advanced capacity to understand the human needs that drive great stories allows for unprecedented results with the actors she works with. She works from her heart and inspires those around her to do the same. Known as a 'one take wonder actress' she brings a precision and urgency to her work that creates an explosion of life and an infusion of passion.

Brought up in the middle of the Springsteen phenomenon and behind the scenes of major television networks, with her half-brothers Mike and Stephen blazing their way through the industry, Jennifer learned the rigors and demands of professional entertainment young. While some kids were concerned with boy scouts or brownies, she was learning how to "nail audiences to the wall". Described as 'truly punk rock' by international filmmakers, she invites the edge and pushes boundaries. Her commitment to full expression supersedes any common tradition or industry standard. Jennifer has that rare combination of education, environment, talent and passion that make great art possible. She knows she owes her audience a truly exceptional experience and will do whatever it takes to deliver.